ID Sein

The medical team

Treatment protocols for breast cancer are defined at meetings of national and international consensus. They are then systematically discussed again on a case by case basis at Multidisciplinary Team Meetings of all the surgeons, nurses, anatomopathologists, chemotherapists, gynecologists, radiologists and radiotherapists who care for our patients.

The majority of patients request care during their entire treatment by the Breast Centre team. They are then treated by a radiotherapist and/or a chemotherapist from our team. Others, after being operated on by one of the Breast Centre's surgeons, receive their subsequent treatment from an external oncologist or radiotherapist, for geographical reasons or through personal preference. Finally, some women come to us for a consultation purely to get the opinion of our team, without opting for care. In all these cases, the Breast Centre has established collaborations with a large number of private and public medical teams all over the country. All these teams are highly specialized in the treatment of breast cancer and the protocol for treatment is always discussed with the doctors who will be caring for the patient during their pre- or post-operative treatment.

A document containing the opinion of the Breast Centre Multidisciplinary Team Meeting is always given to the patient as well as to their chosen doctors.