Dr Jesse Casaubon

My name is Jesse Casaubon. I am a breast cancer surgeon in the United States near Boston.

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Dr Jesse Casaubon Breast and general surgeon

I have just recently finished my fellowship and so now I will be starting work formally when I return to the United States.

I came here to the Paris Breast Center to work directly with Krishna Clough, who is very well known in the field of oncoplastic breast surgery because I wanted to improve my skills in that.

I’ve been here at the Paris Breast Center for the past one month. I came here because I wanted to gain a broader exposure to oncoplastic breast reconstruction.

I’ve been very happy with my experience here. I’ve gained a lot of new knowledge. I’ve been able to see procedures that I’ve never heard of before or seen before in the United States.

One of the most important procedures I saw and will be able to take back with me to the United States was the in-breast glandular rotation flap where you are able to resect the breast resect the breast tissue, the breast cancer and then immediately fill that defect with the patient’s own breast tissue.

When I return, I will be able to perform my own glandular rotational flaps in the breast after resection.

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