Cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery

We specialize in breast surgery. For over twenty years, the Paris Breast Center has established itself as a reference through the excellence of its practice and the quality of its scientific publications. In consulting our plastic surgeons, patients make the choice of an hyperspecialized and secure care. Our expertise allows us to provide a complete care, from cosmetic surgery to the treatment of deformities to complete reconstruction after mastectomy.

Breast Cancer : treatments

Cosmetic surgery of the breast

Breast augmentation

Hypertrophy and sagging of the breast

Restorative surgery


Gynecomastia is the abnormal growth of one or both breasts in men. Treatment is most often surgical after eliminating a hormonal or drug-related cause.


Reconstruction after breast cancer

Reconstruction after breast cancer is an important step. It is always possible, even years after the end of treatment, to improve the quality of life of the operated patient. The Paris Breast Center is a leader in breast reconstruction and masters all existing techniques.

La reconstruction mammaire après une masectomie (technique) | Paris | L'Institut Du Sein

The clinics

The surgeons of the Paris Breast Center operate in several healthcare offices audited and approved by the French National Authority for Health:

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