Patient testimonials

A look at the personal experiences of men and women who have had to fight breast cancer

Nathalie Cunin

- Treated for breast cancer in 2014 - Founder of COS (Cancer Organisation Service)

Treated with breast cancer in 2014, Nathalie Cunin created COS (Cancer Organisation Service) which allows her to direct French and foreign patients to the best specialists and cancer centers, as well as to specialists in supportive care (physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports coaches, nutritionists, …).

Nathalie Cunin

- Breast cancer and conservative treatment

Treated with breast cancer in 2014, Nathalie Cunin tells her story: discovering the disease, the different treatments, how she carried on with work throughout the treatment and managed her daily life with children.

Didier Dalin

- Lymphoma in 1993

Didier Dalin was cured of severe lymphoma in 1993. He often helps women with breast cancer and their families because he has gone through the same ordeal. He talks about the cancer blues, a form of depression at the end of treatment.

Laure Guéroult-Accolas

- Treated with breast cancer in 2009, Laure Accolas created "My breast cancer network"

After being treated for breast cancer, Laure Accolas created “My Breast Cancer Network” to help, support and inform women with breast cancer and to create an interface with doctors.

Laure Guéroult-Accolas

- Breast cancer in 2009: lumpectomy, chemotherapy, mastectomy and radiotherapy

Breast cancer, chemotherapy, mastectomy, radiotherapy and tummy flap (TRAM), Laure Accolas was treated between France and Turkey. She tells us about her journey and how she told her children about it.

Isabelle Carbillet

- Breast cancer in 2015, conservative treatment: lumpectomy + sentinel lymph node + radiotherapy

Change of life, discovery of cancer, difficult to participate in the choice, discussion with her surgeon Krishna Clough, go to the consultation with a relative, keep your breast, words that reassure and carry, continue to work, know how to stop, not to feel sorry for yourself, being alone even well surrounded, alternative medicine, the end of treatment, feeling of abandonment, thinks that emotional trauma favors cancer, be epicurean, realize your dreams and enjoy life, advice to patients and oncologists

Philippine de Meherenc

- Breast cancer in 2017: mastectomy, axillary dissection, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Discovering cancer, meeting with her chemotherapist Mahasti Sagatchian, telling the truth, trusting or changing doctors, not being infantilized, keeping one’s freedom, a difficult but humanly rich year, one’s faith, working and listening to one’s body, fatigue, talking or not, being a bearer of bad news. Advice to women who discover breast cancer, dare to talk about their problems, advice to patients and oncologists

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