Reconstruction after mastectomy

Reconstruction after mastectomy is always possible if the patient wishes. It can be immediate or delayed. Different techniques are possible and must be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

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La reconstruction mammaire après une masectomie (technique) | Paris | L'Institut Du Sein

Reconstruction by prosthesis

In both immediate and delayed reconstruction, prosthesis placement is the most common technique.

Reconstruction by latissimus dorsi muscle flap

The breast is reconstructed using a flap made up of the excess skin and fat of the back and part of the large dorsal muscle. This is a very reliable technique.

Reconstruction with DIEP and other free flaps

Free flaps involve transferring tissue from one part of your body to another using microsurgery. They give very natural results. The most commonly used flap is the abdominal flap (DIEP).

Lipofilling in reconstruction

Lipofilling is a major tool to improve the results of a reconstruction. More than 7000 Lipofillings have been performed at Paris Breast Center.

Exclusive lipofilling

Reconstruction by exclusive lipofilling is sometimes possible. It requires several procedures and sufficient fat to be collected.

Areola and nipple

Reconstruction of the areola and nipple is the final step in breast reconstruction. There are several techniques: the most frequently used are a tattoo for the areola and a graft for the nipple.

Improvement of your reconstruction

In the event of an unsatisfactory result, an improvement is always possible, even long afterwards. Paris Breast Center is an expert center for breast reconstruction. We can transform the results of your reconstruction.

Your reconstruction in time

There are many different techniques for breast reconstruction. Their results evolve over time and with weight variations. A touch-up, often simple, can correct the changes induced by time.

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