Breast Cancer Screening and Cure

Interview in July 2018

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Breast Cancer: Screening and Cure

Mahasti Sagatchian

The interest of this screening is to detect the cancer before it appears, and before it can be be felt, and therefore to detect it very early.

Isabelle Carbillet

It was during a check-up, because my grandmother had the same thing at the same age. What was reassuring for me was that she lived with it anyway, she was treated, and she died of another cause  and at age 96.

Krishna Clough

The biggest progress in cancer is to detect a tumor at such a small stage that the surgical treatment will be done on an outpatient basis, and so there will be no chemo and no heavy treatments.

Therefore, if we can set up the ideal treatment, it’s a patient who gets detected very early for a small, non-aggressive cancer, who will have a quick surgery, a little radiation and no chemotherapy.


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