A cause of breast cancer?

Interview in July 2018

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Breat cancer: an identified reason?

Isabelle Carbillet

I’ve had some trials in my life that have been pretty complicated and I think my body has paid for it one day. I’m sure of that.

Mahasti Sagatchian

Today, in all the studies that have explored this question, no link has ever been demonstrated between psychological trauma and the occurrence of cancer. There is even the idea that in the end, it can be rather guilt-inducing to say that, because it is as if you had done something in your life that had caused this cancer. In any case, this has never been proven.

If we think about the biology of cancer, a cancer that is discovered to be 1cm in size, the first cancerous cell often appeared ten or fifteen years before, and therefore linking this 1cm cancer that has just been discovered to your divorce or to the burn-out that you experienced at work a year ago, it doesn’t make much sense.

There may be a link, but it is very difficult to prove it, and it probably involves the role of immunity, for example. When we undergo psychological stress, there is an impact on the immunity demonstrated, basically your immune defense collapses and as a result you get a herpes pimple because you can no longer fight the virus and as a result you can catch a flu… So, there is a link between stress and immunity, and there is also a very strong link between immunity and cancer, because cancer develops because your body has not managed to fight it.