Breast cancer: the first visit

Interview in July 2018

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Dr. Krishna Clough

The first visit with the surgeon is a key consultation. This consultation will help address some of the anxiety that has built up over the past weeks in the patient.

Dr. Mahasti Sagatchian

For the patients, it is such an intense moment that they are in a state of panic or confusion. We recommend that they come accompanied, as we will provide them a lot of information, about the diagnosis, the results of complementary examinations, and especially about the treatment. They are already completely overwhelmed with anxiety and we add a layer of stress to that.

Isabelle Carbillet

And all of a sudden, I couldn’t hear anything! I think it’s important to be assisted during the consultations, to have someone next to us, someone close to us, the patient husband, family, someone to listen to what we cannot hear anymore! We shut down and cannot listen anymore. We only hear the negative things, the words that hurt, and not the words that are necessarily reassuring…

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