Sport and cancer

Interview in October 2018

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Quel sport durant le traitement du cancer du sein ? | Paris | L'Institut Du Sein

Amélie Gesson-Paute

I was preparing for this race and it was when I saw Malika in consultation, three months before the preparation of this race. And subconsciously I had always said to myself but without verbalizing it: it would be nice to do it with a patient.

Malika Kacel

I wanted to be seen as a participant like everyone else, not as the sick one. It was metaphorical with regard to my illness, because if I got to the end it was… When I got to the end, I felt like I was living again. I felt like I was living again, and I thank Amélie for taking me on this crazy adventure – because it was a crazy adventure!

Amélie Gesson-Paute

Sport, in relation to cancer, is very beneficial in many ways. It is beneficial before, during and after treatment.