Dr Isabelle Sarfati

Dr Isabelle SARFATI is a plastic surgeon. She is specialized in breast surgery and facial aesthetic medicine.

She holds degrees in general surgery and plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

After her surgical training in France (former intern and former chief of clinic at the Paris Hospitals) and in the United States, she was Paul Tessier’s assistant. Following a long collaboration with Dr Krishna CLOUGH (who was back then the head of department at the Curie Institute), the desire was born to create an institute combining the assets of the public and private sectors: a place of rigor, teaching and research, but also a meeting place, of kindness and alleviation. From this desire came the BREAST Center in 2004.

Dr. SARFATI takes part in the development of innovative techniques, in particular in the use of the fillings technique (autograft of fat) in breast surgery for which she is a pioneer.

She is a member of the French Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Senology Society.

She takes part in the training of students of the Inter-University Diploma of senological, carcinological and reconstructive surgical techniques.

She published several scientific articles on fillings and breast reconstruction in international journals.

Isabelle Sarfati is the author of videos about breast cancer and reconstruction as well as a book called “Histoires plastiques” published by Stock.

Isabelle Sarfati - Interview L'officiel | IDSEIN Paris

  • Fluent English
  • Practices : Bizet Clinic and Champs Elysées Clinic
  • Clinic under agreement with the French healthcare system with additional fees (sector 2).
  • First visit : between 100€ and 300€.
  • For each procedure, an estimate will be given to you after a visit. An approximate rate can be given to you by phone by a secretary.
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Secrétariat du Dr Isabelle Sarfati : contact et renseignements | Institut du Sein Paris

Office of Dr Isabelle Sarfati

+33 1 45 63 00 00

To avoid any delay, it is recommended to contact us by text at 06 52 63 06 32 or by email at secret.is@idsein.fr


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