Dr. Jenny-Claude Millochau

Dr. Jenny-Claude Millochau is a surgeon specializing in breast cancer care but also in all aspects of breast surgery: reconstruction, prophylactic surgery and benign skin lesions.

She holds a Diploma of Specialized Studies in Gynecology-Obstetrics, a Diploma of Additional Specialized Studies in Oncology as well as an Interuniversity Diploma in Senological Carcinological and Restorative Surgical Techniques.

After studying at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris VI, she was appointed as an intern at the Hospitals of Rouen. It was during her internship and training that she made a decisive encounter with Dr. Clough and began to train with him.

After her internship, she joined the team at the Paris Breast Center for a year of learning and improvement called Fellowship. During this year, Dr. Clough and Dr. Sarfati taught her all the surgical techniques necessary for the treatment of breast cancer and reconstruction. With the help of these two exceptional trainers, she mastered the “oncoplastic” surgery from Dr. Clough, who is recognized in France and abroad as the creator of this surgery (combining cancer surgery and plastic surgery techniques in the same operation), and she mastered the use of the filling technique (fat autograft) from Dr. Sarfati.

She was appointed for two years as Chief-Assistant of the Universities Clinic and of the Hospitals of Paris before joining the Paris Breast Center.

In 2020, she joined this renowned multidisciplinary team with the desire to provide excellent care to each patient, by giving them all the time and attention needed.

  • Fluent English
  • First visit: between 100€ and 150€.
  • For each procedure, an estimate will be given to you after a visit. An approximate rate can be given to you by phone by a secretary.
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Dr Jenny-Claude Millochau : chirurgie mammaire prophylactique | Institut du Sein Paris

Office of Dr. Jenny-Claude Millochau

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To avoid any delay, it is recommended to contact us by text at 07 81 03 69 42 or by email at secret.jm@idsein.fr


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