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Dr Krishna B. Clough

Le Dr Krishna B. CLOUGH is a surgeon, oncologist and plastic surgeon. He specialises in the treatment of breast cancers and all aspects of breast surgery.

He graduated in general surgery, and in oncology, as well as plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

After completing his surgical training in France (former Intern and former Head of the Clinique des Hôpitaux de Paris) and in the United States (Columbia University, New York and Emory University, Atlanta), Doctor K.B. Clough joined the team at the Curie Institute in 1990. He was soon appointed Chief of the Department of Breast and General Surgery at the Curie Institute, a position he held until 2004. He resigned from his hospital duties to found the PARIS BREAST CENTRE, the first centre in France dedicated exclusively to breast surgery and breast cancer.

Dr Clough is one of the most renowned international experts in the field of breast surgery. Each year he operates on over 350 patients with breast cancer and the same amount of patients for breast plastic surgery. He is well-known in France and abroad for being the founding figure of 'oncoplastic' surgery which combines surgical oncology and plastic surgery techniques in the same procedure. This technique means that tumours can be removed while keeping a harmonious breast shape, therefore in some cases avoiding major deformities (large tumours or those in a difficult location in the breast). In some cases, it allows the breast to be conserved.In the field of breast cancer, this surgery is fully integrated into a multidisciplinary approach combining other cancer treatments.

Dr Clough is a member of the board of directors of the Société française de sénologie [French Society of Senology] and the École Européenne de Chirurgie [European School of Surgery] (EEC). He is also a member of the French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He is also an expert with the National Cancer Institute. He is one of the founding members of Breast Surgery International and a member of the European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI). He has represented France in numerous international working groups (consensus conferences) whose work has formed the basis of reference publications (Consensus conference on breast conservation).

Alongside his surgical work, Dr Clough has continued teaching advanced surgical techniques all over the world. He has published over 130 scientific articles in international journals and is the author of several instructional guides and a book for patients about breast cancer (Cancer du sein, Editions Marabout, Paris). He is regularly invited to give lectures, presentations and demonstrations in many countries.

Dr Clough directs teaching of breast surgery at the European School of Surgery (Paris) and is co-organiser of the breast surgery course at the European Institute of Oncology (Milan). In 2014, he was appointed Director of the Oncoplastic Surgery course at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS): he is the first non-American to be given this honour.

Consultations at Paris Breast Institute
Tuesday mornings, all day Thursday and Friday.

Consultations at American Hospital
Every other Monday afternoons

Procedures at American Hospital
Every other Monday afternoons

He speaks fluent English

Saint Jean de DieuBizet and American Hospital

He is registered in sector 2 of the French National Health system (extra billing allowed, covered by private insurance).

First consultation : between 150€ and 300€
Surveillance Consultation : between 100€ and 300€

For each procedure, a quote will be sent to you after a consultation. An estimated price will be given to you over the phone by a secretary.

Secretary of Dr K. Clough

Phone : 01 45 63 00 00

If your inquiry is urgent, we recommend that you send sms to 07 81 03 69 42 or mail to