Dr Elisa Leonte

My name is Elisa Leonte. I come from Romania, and I’m 27 years old.

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Dr Elisa Leonte Plastic Surgeon

After I finished my medical studies, I wanted to do plastic surgery and I was very certain of this.

One year ago, I started writing a lot of emails to this hospital and finally someone answered and they gave me a chance. But we could not manage at that time because I had to do all my studies, my universities, my exams.

So after a year, I finally came. Paris was my first choice because I wanted to be in the capital of France. We Romanian, we know how important and how good French education is. This was my first choice and after I searched for the best center when I can learn about breasts, I found the Paris Breast Center.

I also decided then that I want to do my final paper on breast surgery and after I sent one year ago a few emails, they answered me and we communicated throughout the whole year. And I managed finally to come. I’m very happy with what I saw.

I’ve learned a lot and mostly I’m very grateful for every little thing that I see because I know this is this is the way you, you see a technique. You see how the surgeon is having their hand and you see how they are putting the needle and you see how they are putting all the passion, all the hours, all the effort.

And that is how I know that I want to do plastic surgery. I really want to come back, actually. This is also one of my biggest desire to come here and to learn something more.

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