Dr Saoud Hamza

My name is Saoud Hamza, I’m an Oncoplastic breast surgeon.

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Dr Saoud Hamza Oncoplastic breast surgeon

I work at Fiona Stanley Hospital, which is a tertiary hospital in Perth in Western Australia. I am an Oncoplastic breast surgeon, so I do breast cancer surgery and level one and two oncoplasty.

I’m also a general surgeon as well.

So I first met Dr Clough and Dr Isabelle Sarfati in 2013.

I attended one of the master classes about oncoplastic surgery, and this is when I first started doing this technique.

Since then, I attended different conferences, especially the one that Dr Clough had attended and presented at, because that had… That did have a big influence on improving my oncoplastic techniques.

Both Dr Clough and Dr Isabelle Sarfati have an international reputation about oncoplastic surgery. The reason that made me come to France and to the Paris breast clinic is because of the high quality teaching and the variety of cases that a surgeon will be exposed to.

One of my colleagues, actually from Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth, he was here about a few months ago and he spoke very highly about the quality of teaching here, and that’s made me come all the way to attend different types of surgery at the Paris Breast Clinic with both Dr Clough and Dr Sarfati.

I stayed for two weeks and that was actually very useful for me. I tried to balance work and pleasure as well. Paris is a great city. There are lots of things to see here.

But during these two weeks, we did see a variety of cases and I did have the opportunity to work with both Dr Clough and Dr Sarfati. And I found that was very useful to improve
my techniques and for my profession as well

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